Once a week for some time, I would talk on the radio with Terry (T. R.) Stingley. We talked about wine, since, back then, he was in the retail wine industry. He helped me develop a taste for reds, which is help many beginners need. He quickly became one of my favorite guests. Passionate, knowledgeable, entertaining. That's Terry. We became friends quickly.

Well, time flies, as they say. After while, Terry left the retail wine business. And I moved on from Kalamazoo radio. But, time keeps flying - and, like people who click, here we are again - talking on the radio.

This time, it's not all about wine (though we did discuss it during the first part of our chat - specifically, Terry's recommendations for wine for Thanksgiving). These days, Terry is a published author. His novel, Nocturnes, is a work of 20 years. His story about why it took that long to get to print is about as engaging as the premise of the novel: Eternal love.

Click the player below to hear Terry's - I mean T. R.'s - great story about how he was inspired to write Nocturnes and the enticement he gives about the story. You can find Nocturnes at Battle Creek Books and online at Amazon. He will be signing copies at an appearance on November 30th from 7-9 p.m. at the Craftsman Chop Co. in Portage.

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