If you're struggling with a drug or drinking problem, here's help.
The Haven Women's Life Recovery Program ("WLRP") is accepting applications for women who might like to apply for the WLRP's next 3 to 9 month class starting April 13, 2015.  The WLRP is a program for women who wish to exit a lifestyle of alcohol and/or substance abuse. It is a free, 6 to 12 month, outpatient faith-based program at the former Emily Andrus House. Day care is available. Applications will be reviewed, and interviews will be conducted from Monday, March 30th through Friday, April 10th to determine suitability and readiness for this program prior to the April 13th starting date. Applications are available at the Haven's main administrative offices, 11 Green Street, or on-line at the Haven's webpage, www.thehavenBC.org. For further information about the Haven or its ministries, please call 965-1148.