Yesterday we received a phone call to the station office that asked whether we had received a fax from Semco Energy. I placed the caller on hold and checked our fax machine, there was nothing from the company. Upon informing the caller about this, they said thanks and hung up.

This didn't seem all that curious until today when I was reading through local news and came upon an article from the Battle Creek Enquirer reporting that Semco has warned it's customers of some false phone calls that are circulating in SW Michigan. Whether our phone call yesterday was linked or not, this is something to note!

Customers are reporting getting phone calls from a nondescript "Semco Representative"  pushing a special program that they have running, with new rates. The caller often asks for account information and if the customer goes through with the call and deal, they would possibly be lead to verify their payment information and other personal details.

The company has encouraged customers to be mindful of the personal date they share. If you are worried about a calling Representative, you can contact Semco at 800-624-2019 or e-mail to verify and discuss the issue.