Experts can confirm:  You're covered in filth and organisms RIGHT NOW.  Most of it is too small to see, like eyelash mites, fecal residue, dead skin, toenail fungus, and belly button bacteria.

How do you feel now?  Yeah, me too.  I want to go home and shower.  But, according to experts, that really won't help.  So what's a person to do?  Nothing.  Basically, you're covered in filth and organisms RIGHT NOW.  Experts can confirm that there is a ton of gross stuff ALL OVER YOU.  Here's a list of five gross things that are ON YOU, that are too small to see:

1.  Eyelash mites.  These are basically tiny spiders that feed off the secretions in your eyelash follicles.  They INCREASE as you get older, and you can't get rid of them.  But doctors say they won't hurt you.

2.  Fecal residue.  Scientists say that no matter how great you wipe, you never get it all.  And it transfers to your underwear.  You have to wash them in hot water if you actually want them clean.  (Sorry)

3.  Dead skin and dead-skin eaters.  The top layer of your skin is made entirely out of dead skin cells.  Most of the dust in your house is actually dead skin, and dust mites eat it.  Sometimes they even crawl ON you to eat it.

4.  Toenail fungus.  You can think of your nails as tiny petri dishes that harbor MILLIONS of organisms.

5.  Belly button bacteria.  Basically, your navel is a laboratory for bacteria.  In a recent study, scientists found 2,000 different species in belly buttons.  Most of which they couldn't even identify.

I was making lunch plans.....maybe I'll wait.

But in an effort to cleanse our corporate palates, dig this.  It's short and it's cool.

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