Here are a few random facts for you.  

I figure at this point in the day you're up to your ears in like, really important stuff. Decisions to be made, deals to be done, it's make or break baby, got to choose; fight or flight that sort of stuff.  Sounded kind of dramatic, didn't it?  Cool.  So, you need a break. Put your mind in neutral, and dig these.

1.  Steve Guttenberg beat out HUGE competition to be the star of "Police Academy".  Other actors who auditioned for the role are Bruce WillisMichael KeatonTom Hanks, and Judge Reinhold. (And as a result, the aforementioned Mr. Guttenberg made a TON of money on the umpteen sequels.  High art?  Nope.  Lots of dough?  Yep!

2.  Viagra doesn't just make MEN engorged . . . it can also engorge flowers.  If one milligram of Viagra is dissolved in a vase of water, it can make flowers stand up straight without wilting for up to a WEEK longer than usual.  (That stuff is ten dollars a pill.  No man would be in their right mind wasting something that expensive on a lily!)  

3.  JUSTIN BIEBER has never had a number one single in the U.S.  His closest was "Boyfriend", which peaked at number two back in 2012.  (Lame sauce.)

4.  In the country Mauritania in northern Africa, female CHUBBINESS is considered SO attractive that parents sometimes intentionally fatten up their daughters by giving them huge amounts of food and milk.  (ABSOLUTELY no comment.)

5.  The shortest war in history was the U.K. versus Zanzibar on August 27th, 1896.  Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.  (In the words of Kenny Rogers, you got to know when to fold em.  Obviously, these guys did.)

And then there's THIS:  Talk about having a Guardian Angel.

Cyclist Hit by Truck Lands on Falling Mattress


Talk to you in the morning.