It's Monday.  Give me a little break, okay?

We did a mountain of laundry over the weekend.  And there's still another mountain waiting for us.   I really don't mind DOING the laundry, but I hate like Hell when I have to put it away.  Left up to me, and we'd just pluck what we needed from the basket of clean laundry and call it all good.

And with the doing of laundry, comes the spawning of dryer lint.  Lint.  I am obsessive when it comes to cleaning the dryer of it's natural by-product.  I even have a snazzy attachment for my shop vac that will reach into the dryer and suck out that hard to reach lint.  Dryer lint is rather like mosquitoes to my way of thinking.  I mean, why do we have to have lint?  This is the 21st Century. What possible good comes from dryer lint?   None, right?  Well, it now seems that dryer lint DOES have some value to society and life on this planet as we know it .  Seems that if you're throwing away your dryer lint, apparently you're WASTING a valuable resource.  And if that's the case, I am a sinner.  I shall now repent.  You should too.

Please enjoy and appreciate the many uses for your lint.

1.  To start a fire.  Dryer lint is highly flammable.  So use it in a fireplace or a campfire instead of buying lighter fluid.

2.  As a cage liner for hamsters and guinea pigs.  They love it because it's great for building beds and nests.  Just don't use it near a cage heater or electric lamp. Pro Tip: The conversation explaining to Buffy or Sissy why their hamster is now a burnt offering is rather difficult.

3.  Mulch.  It's great for potted plants or outdoor flowerbeds.  It breaks down naturally and enriches the soil. (I wonder if Bob Coward saves his lint?)

4.  Papermaking.  If you make your own paper for crafts or stationery, use dryer lint in the slurry.  Supposedly it adds interesting textures and colors, and is also great in papier maché.  Huh?

5.  Nesting material for birds.  If you have any trees nearby, birds are probably already raiding your dryer vent for lint.  Might as well collect it and leave it out for them.  They will reward you by lovingly pooping on the family sedan.  

Whatever you do, DON'T use lint for stuffing toys or pillows.  It can cause a fire if you're not careful with it.

And please resist the urge to ask me about belly button lint.  I has NO value.