This Week in Battle Creek, 1968

In the news...

South Vietnam is under Martial Law today, as a Viet Cong offensive makes Saigon a Battlefield.  19 Reds blasted their way into the American Embassy and were killed by American Soldiers.

North Korea continues to hold the USS Pueblo and its crew, and now come reports that one of the 83 crewmen has died.

A federal report says Lake Michigan is dying ahead of its time because of pollution, and Battle Creek is on a list of cities that are said to be responsible. But public works director Lawrence E. Crandall says the city's status will improve early next month when the new 4.3 million dollar wastewater treatment plant goes into operation.

Church leaders at the Vatican continue to condemn heart transplants, saying they're against the Churches Moral Law.

Michigan draft boards today were ordered to deliver 2,865 men for induction into the armed forced in March...the largest call since 1966.  Calhoun County's quota is 52 men, with 33 coming from Battle Creek and 19 from Marshall and Albion.

In Sports

Each of the American League’s 10 baseball teams will lose 6 players, in the expansion draft to stock the new Kansas City and Seattle teams.

Wayne Pigguish tossed in 19 points as the Lakeview Spartans beat Albion.

In the Stores

BF Goodrich, 400 W. Michigan, sale on tires...2 for $35

Men's Smartly styled suits at Robert Hall, 1158 W. Columbia....$24.50

Get a Kenmore Washer and Dryer at Sears...Coppertone color...just $281.00 for the set.

The A&P has 8 O'clock bean coffee for just 1.45 in the 3 pound bag.   Gleem Toothpaste is just 65 cents for the 5 oz. extra-large tube.

In Entertainment…

At the Kellogg College Theater...The BC Civic and Community Chorus present "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

Louis Girard will direct the Marshall Civic Theater production of The Odd couple, next month.

Entertainment: At the Bijou--Held over 2nd smash week is Walt Disney's "The Jungle Book" and "Charlie the Lonesome Cougar".

At the driftwood Lounge, 97 West Michigan, Jazz with Eddie Russ, Bill Dowdy, and Bobby Parker.

The Drifters play Every Saturday at the Moose Lounge 1250 East Columbia.

At the Gilbert Lounge...."The Senn Men"...eight guys...biggest group yet.

Auto Theater: Paul Newman in Hombre.

At the Michigan Theater, Frank Sinatra is Tony Rome.

Wolverine Cablevision offers 9 channels, including Channel 50 WKBD for only $1.23 per week.

 Friday Night TV in 1968…

Channel 3 and 6 has The Wild Wild West, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.  and a movie

Channel 8 and 10:  The High Chaparral, The Name of the Game and Star Trek

Friday Nights were the best!