You may have been seeing the alerts popping up on your computer. "Upgrade to Windows 10 free!" it says.

I ignored it. For some time, actually.

I admit, I'm skittish about such things. Will it be easy to use afterward? I even hesitate to upgrade the operating system on my phone. Recently a friend told me I really should - so I held my breath and did. It turned out OK.

Turns out, the Windows 10 upgrade is probably a good idea, according to David Lance, a network engineer who has upgraded hundreds of computers to Windows 10. Lance, with Hi-Tech Integrated Technologies in Portage, Michigan talked about the reasons why Microsoft is offering the upgrade free for a limited time. He also talked about how you might be able to get used to the new system faster - even if you prefer not to change.

Hear his comments by clicking the player below, and check out the helpful links section, too, below the player..

Helpful Links:

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