(Press Release From BEDHD)

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You can't see it, you can't smell it, you can't taste it … yet elevated levels of radon gas may be in your home, increasing your risk of lung cancer.  But don't despair; testing is easy, and elevated radon levels can be effectively reduced.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas resulting from the radioactive breakdown of radium, which is a natural decay product of uranium, both of which are found in at least trace amounts in almost any kind of soil and rock.  As a gas, radon moves upward through the soil and enters buildings through cracks and openings in the foundation floor or walls, including floor/wall joints, sump openings, and other penetrations caused by plumbing, wiring, or ductwork. Outdoors, it is diluted by the atmosphere, but indoors it tends to be more concentrated and can build up to unhealthy levels.

According to a Michigan survey, elevated levels of radon would be expected in one out of eight homes in Michigan. In some counties, as many as 45% of the homes have had radon levels above the EPA recommended action guideline (.4 pCi/L).  The only way to know whether your home has elevated radon levels is to test it.

Do-it-yourself Radon Test Kits are available for free to residents of Barry or Eaton County during the month of January. Limit of one kit per address, please. Pick up your test at one of the following locations:

Barry County

  • Cloverdale- General Store, 7651 S. M-43 Hwy.                    269-623-2994
  • Dowling- General Store, 8975 S. M-37 Hwy.             269-721-6000
  • Hastings- Health Department, 330 W. Woodlawn Ave.      269-945-9516, x 35
  • Middleville- Village Office, 100 E. Main Street                     269-795-3385
  • Nashville- Good Time Pizza, 501 N. Main St.                       517-852-9100
  • Woodbury-Terry’s Woodbury Café, 7170 Saddlebag Rd.    517-586-7445

Eaton County

  • Bellevue- Riverside Café, 420 E. Capital Ave.                       269-763-9481
  • Charlotte- Health Department, 1033 Healthcare Dr.           517-541-2615
  • Dimondale- Windsor Twp. Hall, 405 S. Jefferson St.            517-646-0772
  • Eaton Rapids- Robins Nest, 6053 S. Clinton Trail                517-663-9801
  • Lansing- Delta Township Hall, 7710 W. Saginaw Hwy         517-323-8540
  • Mulliken- Swede’s Grill, 89 Grand Ledge Hwy                     517-649-8941