She fell from a pick-up truck, speeding down Highway 99, in Galt, California, and now waits to return home.

She’s a German Shepherd, now named “Freeway Frida”, and she survived living in the median of Highway 99 since April 10th, when authorities received a call from a witness, who saw the dog fall from the pick-up truck.

According to the Associated Press and KTLA 5, over the past five weeks the police continued to get calls from concerned motorist who saw the dog wandering the highway, but when authorities responded, the dog could not be found.

Finally, on Saturday, May 14th, the California Highway Patrol was able to snare “Freeway Frida”. Galt police officer Sylvia Coelho said, “Once CHP was able to get the snare on her, she fought a little bit, but then she subsided and just laid down, and those big brown eyes were looking up at us like ‘please help me,' ".

Dr. Mike Johnson says that Frida was 44 pounds when admitted and had a broken leg. She should weigh 65-75 pounds, but is eating well and seems to have come from a good home. Dr. Johnson estimates her age as about 5 or 6 years old.

It is now just a matter of time, and perhaps social media, before Freeway Frida can return home and to her companions.