January 27th on The Richard Piet Show, we talked with Clerk Anne Norlander about primaries and other business. We also asked her to comment on a recent audit of the so-called "Automation Fund" she oversees as part of the budget in the clerk/register of deeds office. The fund is among many in the county earmarked for specific automation needs in her office.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request from a constituent led to concerns about some of the Automation Fund spending. An audit ensued, which found no fraud, but some use of automation funds for certain things outside of its designated uses.

Thursday, Calhoun County Commissioner Steve Frisbie and Administrator Kelli Scott offered perspective on the audit and its findings. Hear their comments by clicking the player below.

Norlander asserted in her January 27 interview on WBCK that Commissioner Steve Frisbie and others will "do anything they can to remove me from office," and, meanwhile, has asked for additional time on the program to respond to remarks from Frisbie which can be heard below. She will return to the show Wednesday, February 24.

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