There's a new "Star Wars Cologne" coming out.  Don't get that for dad.   I'm thinking a gift card for a six pack and some little blue pills.  Seriously, new research says Viagra can help save you from a heart attack!


A new survey asked more than 1,000 dads what gifts they want for Father’s Day . . . and what they DON’T want.

The top eight things they want are:

  • Beer
  • A trip
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • Power tools
  • An iPad
  • A watch
  • Barbecue gear.
  • Beer

The top four things they really DON’T want are:

  • A gym membership
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Ties.
  • Star Wars Cologne ( they haven't even hear of that one yet)

And they’re REALLY not kidding about the whole “I don’t want a gym membership” thing.  92% of dads say that would be a terrible gift.   I think it all comes down to this:  Dad's don't really want to go anywhere. They just want to hang out at home, either with loved ones, or possibly with NOBODY.