Car enthusiasts probably already know there are a limited number of Tucker automobiles on the face of the earth. About 50 of them were built at the Tucker factory in Chicago - the factory that cranked out the futuristic cars which were the vision of Preston Tucker.

This weekend at the Gilmore Car Museum's annual Red Barns Spectacular, what could be the very last Tucker assembled from original parts will be on display.

According to an article in Hemmings Motor News this week, the Tucker seen in the photo above - and on display at the Gilmore this weekend - was assembled over the last few years by an Illinois collector who completed an exhaustive search for the right, original parts in order to make the last car.

Hear more about this Tucker and the Red Barns Spectacular on the Gilmore Car Museum Update, Wednesday morning at 8:44 a.m. on The Richard Piet Show on WBCK.

The Gilmore Car Museum owns one of the original Tuckers, shown here with WBCK's Richard Piet and the Gilmore's Jay Follis. Original Tuckers are said to be worth millions.