Our final installment in our private tour at The Medalist Golf Club in Marshall brings us to holes 16, 17 and 18.

Sixteen is fairly straightforward: A 350-yard hole without doglegs is what you will find. Just watch out for a couple of bunkers, one right alongside the green and another featured prominently on the way.

Seventeen is one of those tricky ones! Not very long, it's only 176 yards from the furthest tee, but there's a no man's land between the tee and the green. This one is definitely one of the tougher holes at The Medalist.

Eighteen follows suit, with a decent drive needed to clear another area of wilds, but its straightforward green allows you great potential. Bunkers on the right and water on the left of the fairway.

There are still plenty of great opportunities to golf in autumn at The Medalist. Its gorgeous surroundings are even more beautiful with the changing colors of the foliage. Watch The Medalist website for specials. Consider booking your autumn or holiday event at The Medalist, too!

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