If you're like me, you're a seasonal golfer. And, some days your game is halfway decent. Some days, you wish you had a REAL golfer to follow you around and help you figure out what you're doing wrong.

Enter Lowell Weaver, general manager at The Medalist Golf Club in Marshall. Last year, Lowell gave us some overall tips to improve our game. This year, he's going to go one better - and take us through The Medalist with his advice on how to play the course!

Seriously. How often have you run into the manager of a golf course and talked him into showing you his way of playing? I'm guessing never! But we did - and Lowell not only agreed to show us - but you, too!

This season, we'll go hole-by-hole at The Medalist and hear his advice. This week, we start (amazingly!) at the first tee. Check out the video below.

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