This explains a lot.  As I’ve mentioned more than a few times on the Morning Show, I was not the most handsome, athletic or on-the-ball kid in the history of primary education.  And it is true, I swear, that my third grade teacher wrote in my 1960 report card that “Roy is a nervous, flighty and unattractive child.”  And sadly, honesty would cause me to admit that her observations may have been true. 

And it’s funny, because I clearly remember, even as a seven year old, that it seemed to me that the best looking kids got the most attention and the best grades in school.  And it looks like I might have been on to something.

A new study found good-looking high school kids get the highest grades.  In fact, the best looking students tend to get the best grades.  And the researchers say their charmed lives extend beyond school - with the best looking among us getting the better jobs and making more money.  So even in my clearly underdeveloped third grade mind, I was hip to what was going on. 

But lo, if this is true then explain this to me.  Why are there are so few good-looking nerds out thereI mean, think about it...the richest guys in the world are Bill Gates and Warren  Buffet.  And nobody wants to see either of those guys with their shirt off!!