Google has recently announced that their "Google Express" services are now being offered right here in SW Michigan.

On the heels of their new logo being unveiled, Google has expanded their service for "overnight delivery from local stores and popular brands." Think Amazon Prime but on a  smaller, more focused and local level.  When you order, someone out there is going to the store and putting your order in a cart down the road. This service initially was launched in areas like Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and other larger cities. But, it has recently seen an expanding audience in more rural regions. Here in SW Michigan you can make use of Google Express anywhere from as far south as the Indiana State Border, and as far north as Ludington.

So, for the days that you don't want to get out of the house to fight the crowd, you can now consider shopping hundreds of brands like Walgreens, Ulta, Toys R Us, Petsmart, Costco and more, right from your living room. Google will process the order for you and arrange a driver to deliver it for you. If you are an Amazon user but like the idea of purchasing from local stores - this is the service for you!

More Information About Google Express:

  • One year membership costs $95
  • As a member, delivery is free when qualifying orders are at least $15
  • Non Members have a small $4.99 delivery fee for qualifying orders of at last $15
  • You can set same day deliveries between 9a-1pm, 1pm-5pm or 6pm-10pm
  • Browse section on Google Express here