Governor Rick Snyder and his Democratic challenger reported six-figure incomes for 2013 but their payments to the Internal Revenue Service were very different.

The Detroit Free Press says Snyder, a Republican, reported about $395,000 in income, but his deductions were even higher. He paid about $35,000 in federal taxes.

The newspaper says Mark Schauer and wife Christine reported nearly $314,000 in income and paid taxes of $62,000.

Snyder and wife Sue gave $73,000 to charity or 18 percent of their income. The Schauers gave just under $5,000 to charities or less than 2 percent of income.

Most of Snyder's income came from investments. He was a wealthy venture capitalist before running for governor in 2010. Schauer worked as a consultant last year, while his wife is a Calhoun County official.