Labor Day is just around the bend, and one of the worst things that can ruin a good food binge is funky-tasting grilled food.

Cooking over a gas-grill is a good way to avoid this disaster, but your grill fanatics usually swear by the tried-n-true charcoal grill.

However, if a rookie is in charge and insist that they’re all knowledgeable, you may end-up with burgers that taste like lighter fluid with gook stuck to them.

Here are a few grilling tips, from the Kingsford Products Company, which may save the day.

  1. Prepare the grill by emptying the old ash and cleaning the grates with a wire brush.
  2. Pre-heat your grill grates. This helps prevent your food from sticking to the grates. You can really tear-up a burger if it clings to the grates.
  3. Oil your grates, before putting your meat on the grates. And please, use food grade cooking oil and not motor oil (hey….you’d be surprised..but there are some dummies out-there).
  4. Make sure the coals are GREY with no black showing. If you rush things and lay your meat on the grill with half-burned charcoal, you’re going to have food that taste like lighter fluid. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that.
  5. Pray

Following these handy tips may prevent food-grief and getting the “hairy-eyeball” from your ticked-off guest.