The U.S. Census Bureau just reported that more than 350 languages are spoken in our homes.

If we look at certain large metropolitan cities it is concerning, according to an article in The Washington Times citing the U.S. Census Bureau data in regards to households who speak a different language other than english in their homes:

Los Angeles metropolitan area:    54%

New York City metropolitan area: 38%

Houston:                                          37%

Miami:                                              51%

San Francisco                                 40%

Washington D.C.:                           36%

If these immigrants do not mainly speak english in their homes how do you believe they will assimilate into our culture?

I would think the answer is they would have great difficulty doing so, if they actually even try.

I understand that many may try to speak english, but if their second language is english and it is not what is spoken in the home it would become difficult to learn the language sufficiently enough to assimilate yourself into our culture.

Does assimilating in our culture matter anymore?

So the question then becomes what happens to our culture if an increasing number of our citizens do not partake in it?

Does that harm us as a country?

I do believe it would harm our country, because we cannot have our citizens follow dozens of different cultures and not believe we would lose our identity.

I believe we should embrace other cultures but our culture must be front and center for us as a people to coalesce around the American way.

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