Ever have an encounter with a skunk? I almost did this morning. Look closely - you can see a little white outline at left in the picture above. On the right is our Richard's Ride 2015 Ford Fusion from Lakeview Ford - the car I would need to get to in order to drive to work this morning!

Mr. Skunk was having a grand old time digging around in my front lawn. Meanwhile, I was inside trying to figure out how to scare him away - and not get sprayed by the malodorous emissions of said skunk.

Turns out, a jiggle of the screen door handle - and a few honks of the Fusion horn via its remote control - scared the ole boy away. I darted for the car and left once I felt he wasn't around any longer.

But what if I HAD been sprayed? What would I do? Turns out the old tomato juice remedy is an old wives tale. At least, researchers at the University of Nebraska recommend another formula: Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. Tomato juice? Not so much!

Hopefully you won't ever need to put this into practice. In my case, I'm headed to the store right now to stock up!

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