A couple days back, I posted a list of VERY attainable new year's resolutions.  

Pieces of cake each and every one of them.  Why bother with resolutions that you're going to break anyway, and have to explain to everybody how/why you failed?  Forgetaboutit!

Included in this sure-to-succeed list was resolving to spend more time at work--on the internet.  To help you in your pursuit of this admirable goal, I present the following, and if I may say wonderful time wasters.  Dig.

Time Lapse Video of Setting Up the Winter Classic at the ‘Big House’

The Happiest Colleges in the Country

11 Hidden Messages in Company Logos

Minivan Driver is a Little Too Excited About Being

Single Smoking Caterpillar Puffs Out Nicotine to Deter Spiders

Dubai’s World Record New Years Eve Fireworks Display

Oh, and don't forget to fill out your time card before you leave today.  Completing your time card is SERIOUS business.