We've all been there. On the freeway. Stuck behind some driver who was absent the day they taught the chapter on freeway left lanes. You know, the whole passing lane concept. Yep, they missed it.

Now, the Michigan State Police are going to be looking for those drivers and pull them over. First Lieutenant Jim Coleman, post commander at the Marshall post of the MSP, tells WBCK they would rather not issue tickets. But, they will if troopers feel it's necessary.

When the story first broke last week, the reaction on social media was akin to a standing ovation. Drivers are tired of people who don't use the left lane as a passing lane. Instead, they camp out there - cruising along, for whatever reason. Or, they just want to pass everyone else who is going slower. So, they hunker down in the left lane and drive like a speed demon, tailgating passers and making a beeline for whatever destination they're rushing to.

No matter. In either case, Coleman says they'll be watching - ready to stop and talk to motorists who don't obey the law. Hear the whole interview by clicking the player below.

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