The late-evening passage of a bill that will potentially kill Michigan's straight party ticket voting option is drawing fire from Democrats like Kalamazoo Rep. Jon Hoadley, who calls the effort "disingenuous."

Hoadley tells WBCK the GOP-led House and Senate pushed the measure through in the late evening hours one night last week, at a time when most Michigan voters are consumed with last minute work and preparations before the holidays. The freshman lawmaker is calling on voters to look into it, then call the governor's office and urge him to veto it.

Hoadley says eliminating the straight party ticket option on Michigan ballots is "partisan vote rigging" that will mostly affect urban, traditionally Democratic voters.

Early last week, Rep. Dr. John Bizon (R-Battle Creek) told The Richard Piet Show he voted against an initial House version of the plan (one which had a tie-barred no-reason absentee ballot measure attached; the House and Senate later passed a version with that caveat stripped out). Bizon said he heard from both Republicans and Democrats in his district who were opposed to it.

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