Very often, loved ones in our area who end up in the hospital are often sent to larger facilities, like Borgess Medical Center or Bronson Methodist Hospital - both of which have main campuses in Kalamazoo. When that happens, loved ones who are nearby - but not close - are left commuting to see their loved ones.

This can be inconvenient, particularly if weather is bad or it is hard to break away from a difficult medical situation.

That's where Hospital Hospitality House comes in. Established in 1985, HHH was established in Kalamazoo as a place where folks could stay - free - and be closer to their hospitalized loved ones. The Junior League of Kalamazoo envisioned the home, which established itself in a historic home on South Street west of downtown Kalamazoo.

The current Hospital Hospitality House on South Street in Kalamazoo. Courtesy

Today, HHH has outgrown its space, to say nothing of handicapped access and privacy issues. A capital campaign has been launched, and HHH will be reborn as two new homes, situated closely to both Bronson and Borgess main campuses. Executive Director Judy Paget said, as volunteers build the first new HHH near Borgess on Gull Road, a campaign to finish raising money to build the second one - near Bronson - is closing in on its goal.

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