There's something about being anonymous. We know there's not likely to be any ramifications to our behavior when no one knows who we are.

That's my observation, anyhow.

Just zoom down I-94. Undoubtedly on our stretch here in southwest Michigan, you'll be in the left lane passing someone and another motorist will come rocketing up to your trunk, then bank right to go around you (passing on the right is illegal, incidentally) before you can even get a chance to move out of their way.


Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Detroit, a semi crash resulted in the big rig going over the side of an elevated bridge on I-75, crashing to the grass below. I asked Michigan Department of Transportation spokesperson Diane Cross what happened. She indicated the accident happened after someone in another vehicle cut off the semi.

Courtesy MDOT

Apparently, she said, the semi was cut off, and in order to avoid a crash, it seems, the driver made some maneuvers that resulted in hitting the left wall and bouncing off, careening across the lanes to the right wall, where the semi busted through and crashed down below.

Miraculously, the driver walked away - and the semi didn't hit anyone on the ground below.

Courtesy MDOT

So where is that cut-you-off-and-keep-going driver, anyway? I'm not sure. I suppose it's possible that person might have had a "good reason" to be in a hurry - I don't know. My suspicion, though, is that person was just in a hurry and not considering any other motorists' safety.

I would sure like to know how we can stop being so "anonymous" and start being more considerate of one another. Even the ones in other cars and trucks along the freeway.

Courtesy MDOT

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