Today is finally the day when the perfect bracket you think you have has gone to the trash. If you think that I'm trying to bring your decisions with the NCAA Tournament down to a more logical level, I am. Trust me, I have been through the whole rigamarole of years where I thought that I would have the bracket that would change history, and would not even win three games on the first day of the tournament.

You are probably cramming right now to get your bracket in to select websites for a chance a cash (like the one you should be playing here!). It could be for the pool at work or a friendly competition with family, friends or dogs and cats! And if there is any lower point than losing a challenge to a pair of dogs that get a trophy for it (like I did last year), it goes to show that a little luck does this time of year.

Once the second round of the NCAA Tournament begins today, I'll post my bracket to kind of give you an idea of what I have on the table. Hopefully, you make some solid picks to win your pool.

Happy picking!