As some teams head into the holidays and get in the occasional practice, some of them will hit the hardwood one more time competitively for the final time in 2014. The big match-up tonight features two undefeated squads looking to take hold of the Interstate 8 lead. The Pennfield Panthers will make their way to Marshall to battle the Redhawks in what could be an early season slugfest.

The Panthers (3-0) continue to use solid second half defense to pull them ahead in their wins over Olivet, Parma Western and Homer. While the team remains young, Pennfield holds a considerable size advantage over Marshall when you look at the rosters. The Redhawks (2-0) have two players (TJ Rocco and Brandon Turner) that stand at 6'3". Panthers senior Ryan Lowe towers at 6'10", and they also have 6'5" forward Steffen Kinne to help battle in the paint.

Be sure you catch us for the game tonight from Marshall on WBCK. Also in action is Harper Creek, who will look to stay undefeated at Charlotte, and the Pennfield-Marshall girls game should be highly contested as well.

Friday, December 19th
Boys Basketball
Game of the Night
Pennfield vs. Marshall
Pennfield 3-0 (1-0 Interstate 8) - Marshall 2-0 (Interstate 8)
Catch the action at 7pm on WBCK!

Harper Creek vs. Charlotte (Harper Creek 3-0)
Barry County Christian vs. Calhoun Christian

Galesburg-Augusta vs. Comstock (Galesburg-Augusta 0-1)
Gull Lake vs. Portage Central (Gull Lake 0-3)
Jonesville vs. Homer (Homer 1-2)
Perry vs. Maple Valley (Maple Valley 1-1)
Stockbridge vs. Olivet (Olivet 1-1)
Reading vs. Quincy (Quincy 2-0)

Girls Basketball
Harper Creek vs. Charlotte (Harper Creek 0-3)
Pennfield vs. Marshall (Pennfield 3-1, Marshall 3-1)
Barry County Christian vs. Calhoun Christian

Concord vs. Athens (Athens 3-1)
Climax-Scotts vs. Hillsdale Academy (Climax-Scotts 3-1)
Galesburg-Augusta vs. Comstock (Galesburg-Augusta 2-2)
Gull Lake vs. Portage Central (Gull Lake 3-2)
Jonesville vs. Homer (Homer 3-1)
Perry vs. Maple Valley (Maple Valley 2-2)
Stockbridge vs. Olivet (Olivet 3-0)
Reading vs. Quincy (Quincy 0-3)
Union City vs. Springport (Union City 2-0)

Scores from Thursday, December 18th
Boys Basketball
St. Philip 51, Waldron 43 (St. Philip 2-2)

Concord 58, Athens 28 (Athens 1-2)
Bellevue 65, Litchfield 23 (Bellevue 3-1)
Climax-Scotts 53, Pittsford 46 (Climax-Scotts 4-0)
Union City 65, Springport 33 (Union City 4-0)

Girls Basketball
Hastings 77, Battle Creek Central 73 - 4OT (BC Central 2-4)
Bronson 45, St. Philip 27 (Bronson 5-0, St. Philip 4-2)

Waldron 48, Bellevue 31 (Bellevue 3-1)