The St. Philip Tigers returned to the site of their lone regular season loss last season, while looking to end a current two-game skid. They made their way to Bronson to take on the Vikings, who had won three of their last four games after a 1-6 start.

In a very close battle where the biggest lead was six, the Tigers pulled away with key free throws in a 56-52 win over the Vikings. Dreyson English led the Tigers with 19 points, including three triples on the night. Hunter Haley made five of his last six free throws down the stretch, scoring 16 on the night. St. Philip (9-5) also received 10 points from junior Brayden Darr.

Daniel McMichael scored 10 of his team-high 13 points in the first half for the Vikings (4-8). Jordan Alger and Noah Roberts each added 10 in the loss.

Here are the rest of Monday's scores and a look at the upcoming schedule...

Monday, February 9th
Boys Basketball
Game of the Night
St. Philip 56, Bronson 52
St. Philip 9-5 - Bronson 4-8

Maple Valley 67, Calhoun Christian 15 (Maple Valley 3-10, Calhoun Christian 1-12)

Jonesville 45, Athens 43 (Athens 3-9)
Wyoming Kelloggsville 72, Delton 42 (Delton 7-6)

Girls Basketball
Pennfield 55, Parchment 51 (Pennfield 8-7)
Bellevue 53, Calhoun Christian 29 (Bellevue 7-7, Calhoun Christian 7-8)

Mendon 41, Bronson 38 - OT (Bronson 10-3)
Bath 55, Maple Valley 25 (Maple Valley 2-13)
Wyoming Kelloggsville 44, Delton 40 (Delton 5-9)
Olivet 45, Kalamazoo Christian 41 (Olivet 11-4)

Tuesday, February 10th
Boys Basketball
Battle Creek Central vs. Portage Northern (BC Central 7-7)
Lakeview vs. St. Joseph (Lakeview 1-11)
Harper Creek vs. Sturgis (Harper Creek 12-1)
Calhoun Christian vs. Kalamazoo Phoenix (Calhoun Christian 7-7)

Hillsdale Will Carleton Academy vs. Bellevue (Bellevue 9-4)
Climax-Scotts vs. Galesburg-Augusta (Climax-Scotts 11-3, Galesburg-Augusta 4-10)
Niles vs. Gull Lake (Gull Lake 1-11)
Homer vs. Marshall (Homer 9-4, Marshall 6-6)
Tekonsha vs. North Adams-Jerome (Tekonsha 2-11)

Girls Basketball
Portage Northern vs. Battle Creek Central (BC Central 4-10)
St. Joseph vs. Lakeview (Lakeview 7-6)
Sturgis vs. Harper Creek (Harper Creek 8-6)
St. Philip vs. Mendon (St. Philip 12-3)

Athens vs. Jonesville (Athens 7-6)
Climax-Scotts vs. Galesburg-Augusta (Climax-Scotts 8-5, Galesburg-Augusta 11-4)
Gull Lake vs. Niles (Gull Lake 9-5)
Homer vs. Reading (Homer 11-3)
Tekonsha vs. Hillsdale Will Carleton Academy (Tekonsha 3-8)
Quincy vs. Union City (Quincy 1-13, Union City 2-13)

Wednesday, February 11th
Boys Basketball
Union City vs. Bronson (Union City 11-2, Bronson 4-8)
Quincy vs. Olivet (Quincy 11-0, Olivet 7-5)