I've had the coolest secret for a few days now, and I'm DYING to tell.

Wanna hear it?  Okay.  I'll let you in.  Now, this is as Paul Harvey used to say, is partly personal.  It's not something we talked about on the show, or not something out of today's headlines.  But, just something very cool that's happening today in our family, and it's brightened our day, and hopefully it will brighten yours.

Our oldest son Brandon, and his beautiful wife April just flew up here last evening from Georgia.  He is a police officer and she is a nurse in their hometown of Waycross, Georgia.  In addition, Brandon is in the Air Force Reserve, and they both go to college.  In short, they're busy.  Add their busy schedules to the obvious fact that they're eleven-hundred miles away, and you see why their visit is extra special.

But it's going to be extra-extra special for Brandon's daughter, Taylor.  She's our oldest granddaughter.  She lives here in Battle Creek, and is a student at Harper Creek High School.  She doesn't know her dad is here!!

Some time today, the P.A. at Harper Creek is going to sound out a summons for Taylor LaFountain to please report to the office.  Now when I was a student, a call to the office was NEVER good news.  So if you remember back to those old days, you might imagine the lump in her stomach right off the bat.  There's all the looks from  the other students.  Whispers, wondering what's going on.  That long walk down the hall to the office.  Remember?

But there, waiting in the office will be the huge smile, huge arms and huge heart, all 6'-4" of her daddy.  Her daddy who she needs.  Her daddy who needs her.

It's incredibly tough, to say the least, when you're separated from your kids, and they from you.  Those times when it would be so easy and so wonderful to give or receive a hug or a word of encouragement and support, just can't happen.  And that hurts.  Time is precious.  Time spent apart is painful.

Shoot!  I wish I could be there just to see the looks on each other's faces.  But this is a time for them.  A short time to be sure.  But time.  Precious time.