If you’ve ever lived in or been to Michigan in the winter, this is probably no surprise.

According to niche.com, Michigan has five of the Top 25 Snowiest Cities in America — and Kalamazoo and Battle Creek made the list!
Niche.com determined the list by looking at the U.S. cities with the most snowfall. According to this list, the mitten state is tied with New York, with each state having five cities in the top 25.
Here’s how Michigan fared:
  • No. 7 — Grand Rapids
  • No. 16 — Ann Arbor
  • No. 17 — Battle Creek
  • No. 19 — Kalamazoo
  • No. 25 — Flint

Thankfully, I no longer live in Duluth, Minn., which came in at No. 8 on the list!

So, who wants to move to Florida?

A winter scene in Kalamazoo, Mich. Credit: Kayla Kiley/Townsquare Media