A Kalamazoo County judge has given the go-ahead for the county to legally steal a woman's home over a $2,000 tax bill.

The country is unwilling to take the homeowner's late payment.

Deborah Calley was in a car accident in 2011 and forgot to pay her property taxes amounting to $2,000.

Calley is willing to pay the taxes plus fines, but the county does not want the money — they want her home.

“When I paid the taxes in 2012 right there in Richland, no one said, ‘Oh, well, you still owe money for 2011,'" Calley said, according to Fox 17. "So, I didn't really have a clue. I thought I was right on time.”

Governor Granholm's appointed Kalamazoo County Circuit Court Judge Gary Giguere, Jr. agreed with what county officials stating, "The county was only following the law," according to Fox 17.

The county showed documents that several notices were sent  from the county treasurer’s office over the last year, but Calley said she did not see a single one.  Only one of the county's certified notices were sent to her home; the rest were sent to banks.

Why the banks? I do not know because apparently Calley owns the home out right.

Her attorney stated that the county is going to resell the house for roughly $80,000 and take the rest for profit, according to Fox 17.

Calley's attorney Ven Johnson said they have 21 days to make an official appeal.

Why won't Kalamazoo County take her payment with fines now?

Is this another example of Government overreach?

Please call Kalamazoo County Treasurer Mary Balkema to politely ask her to take the tax payment with fines and let the Calley stay in her home. You can contact Balkema at (269) 384-8124.

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