Good news for students planning to attend Kellogg Community College (KCC) this fall. As the Battle Creek Enquirer reported, the college has plans to enter each student into a drawing for up to $500 tuition credit just for enrolling!

Depending on the month that a student enrolls they have a chance at the $500 grant. This is likely an initiate to encourage students to stay local and take at least their first two years of continued education at the local college. lists a compelling argument with more Pros than Cons for high school seniors to attend a community college. It points out staying at a community college before you head straight to a four year university could benefit a student by allowing them to explore their options for a major more thoroughly, potentially save money, and experience a better transition into college life thanks to smaller class sizes at a community college.

Students who are interested in the grant at KCC can enroll online or in person in the month of June to be entered into the $500 grant drawing. If students enroll in July, they have the chance at $250 grant drawing. For more information, you can visit KELLOGG.EDU