The fifth Annual Kickball Classic happens this Sunday July 19th  at Bailey Park's Flannery and Convis fields in Battle Creek.   It's free and open to the public.   WBCK, Mix 104.9 and Scene Magazine will have a team on the field.   Tuesday night, I went out to the "Meet & Greet" at the Lamora Park soccer fields and met some of our CIR All-Stars.

CIR All-Star Brett Kellogg will be back as our star pitcher again this year, as we square off in Game 1 at twelve noon against the Battle Creek Enquirer team.

WBCK and Mix 104.9 Operations Manager Tim Collins with CIR All-Star Brett Kellogg

Tuesday, Lakeview Ford's Vince Pavone and Patti Horn announced all 24 teams and handed out t-shirts.   It's the highest number of teams ever for the Kickball Classic.   

Pavone says some of the sponsors recruited teams from several organizations, so there are nearly 40 participating organizations.

Barista Blues Cafe provided food for the "Meet and Greet" on Tuesday.


Come on out and root for our team this Sunday at noon as we take on the Battle Creek Enquirer, and then try to hold our own against the Air National Guard team.