Indians’ starter Trevor Bauer hit three Tiger batters in Sunday’s game including a pitch that struck Ian Kinsler on the helmet.  Kinsler grabbed the side of his head after the pitch knocked off his helmet.   At first check,  Kinsler was ok, but it became apparent later that he may indeed have suffered a concussion as a result of being hit in the head with the pitch.  Kinsler was on the umpires for not warning Bauer, and was ejected after the bottom of the fifth.   Manager Brad Ausmus said Kinsler was tossed due to a misunderstanding.   The umpire thought he was making a gesture at him, when Kinsler was just communicating with team members regarding defensive alignment.

mlive reports that Kinsler was just talking to Miguel Cabrera about who would cover first base.

Cabrera and Victor Martinez also were hit by Bauer.  Daniel Norris threw behind former Tiger Rajai Davis in the 3rd to send a message to the Cleveland Bench.