Ok, maybe "damper" is a bad word for it.   How about, "Fourth of July fireworks could "go up in smoke."    No?   "Holiday fun evaporates under scorching weather".  Ok, you get the idea.  You might or might not be able to legally set off home fireworks this weekend, unless we get some rain.  That could make for a quiet Fourth of July weekend.

Conditions are so dry in Michigan this summer that the state fire marshal is thinking about possibly calling for a statewide ban on fireworks.  The possible ban, according to a Detroit News story, would also halt burning because of conditions so dry that parts of Michigan are just one step away from drought status.   That includes Calhoun County.


"It is being discussed at the state level and, at this point, we are NOT TAKING ANY ACTIONS for a burn ban or a fireworks ban," State Fire Marshal Julie Secontine told The News on Tuesday.

Click here for a look at drought conditions by county, from the National Drought Mitigation Center.


Emmett Township Public Safety Lt. Tony Geigle says, “At this time there is NO ban and burn permits are still being issued. However if no rain comes into the area by Friday, burn permits will be shut down. Emmett DPS will follow the State Fire Marshall's lead, if he declares a state of emergency and requests a ban due to dry and dangerous conditions.”


Stay tuned to WBCK for updates. We will also post any information that we get as it becomes available.

(Photo illustration by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)