When voters in the Lakeview School District went to the polls May 3, they were asked to vote up or down two millage increases for different purposes.  Voters said yes to Proposal 1, the larger, and no to Proposal 2.

Proposal 1 is a $30 million, 30-year bond with an increase of 1.60 mills.  The funds will help mainly pay for infrastructure improvements to elementary school buildings in the district, including repairs and additions.

Proposal 2 is a $3.3 million, 30-year bond with an increase if 0.3 mills.  The funds would have mainly gone to an addition to Lakeview Middle School's auditorium, and the installation of artificial turf on the high school football field.

The votes were as follows:

Proposal 1- 1904 YES, 1298 NO PASSED

Proposal 2- 1550 YES, 1624 NO DID NOT PASS