Fans at Ford Field were part of the “Salute to Service Day” on Sunday   and a lot of veterans and current military personnel were on hand.  Special hats commemorating the event were handed out to fans as they entered the stadium.  The day started with World War II veteran Earl Roberts serving as honorary captain for the coin toss.

In the weekly Hometown Heroes segment, U.S. Army Sergeant Jarrett Zimmer, from Grand Rapids was honored with a purple heart for his courageous and selfless actions during a 2013 enemy ambush in Afghanistan.

The voice on the Lions’ Public Address System told the crowds:

 “Zimmer drove the lead vehicle in a convoy conduction route clearance in support of the Afghan National Army. Thirty minutes into the trip, his vehicle was struck by a large IED lifting it 20 feet off the ground. As an enemy attack began on the convoy, and while under heavy fire, he emerged from the wreckage and returned fire, eventually making his way to safety. His quick and decisive actions were instrumental in his surviving the complex attack and his disregard for his personal safety kept his fellow soldiers in the convoy safe and alive. For his heroic efforts, he was chosen to receive The Purple Heart being presented to him during the game by US Army Command Sergeant David Folsom.’’

WBCK awarded to tickets to Adam Childs, who entered at in our “Lions Memories” contest.  Adam shared this memory:

Photo-Adam Childs













My very first Lions game was when they played the jaguars during the Lions 75th season, and the dreaded 0-16 season. It was an amazing experience, at halftime the Lions 75 year all-star team came out and of course Barry Sanders was one of them. The entire stadium went crazy and started a "Barry come back" chant. Ever since that game I go to at least one game a year, besides the years I was deployed for the Michigan National Guard. Last year I went with about 15 soldiers from my unit during the Lions vs. Raiders salute to military game. Everyone always ask why I like going to the games, saying the view is better on T.V. I always tell them the atmosphere and passion for the Lions in the air is always worth it.  Another valid argument to see a game live is when you yell and tell the coach what to do next to win, your chances of being heard are a 100 times more likely to listen to you then when at home yelling at the T.V.”

After Sunday’s game, Adam shared this on Facebook:

“My wife and I would like to thank you for the tickets to the LIONS/jaguars game. We made a lot of great memories there. Had an absolute blast! Thank you so much, can't wait to go back!”