Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Ben Hall's approach to this routine traffic stop was unconventional, seemingly.

When he discovered that the motorist he stopped had a small child riding in the car without a car seat, he did what he thought he should do — he solved the problem and bought a car seat for the child.

The move was posted on the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety's Facebook page, and has now gone viral, prompting news stories all around the country. Here's just one posted on Yahoo! News:


As you can see above, someone caught onto the story quickly, snapping pictures during the actual purchase at the local Walmart, where Officer Hall asked the motorist to meet him once she told him that her family had fallen on hard times. Apparently the mother's car had been repossessed, and the child's car seat was taken when the car was reclaimed by the bank.

Now that's a problem solver.