What started out as a local story about a Marshall Middle School student being asked to go to the office, because her out-fit was distracting the boys, went national Thursday on the syndicated radio talk show The Joe Pags Show.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the girls mother, Brooke Fields, was quoted as saying, "My daughter was told by a teacher at Marshall Public Schools that she was a distraction to the boys today. My straight A student was called out in front of the class and told the boys were staring at her. If I wouldn't have been home, she would have had to sit in ISS (in school suspension) all day. This is wrong."

Joe Pags, who broadcasts from his flagship station WOAI in San Antonio, Texas, spent a large portion of the second hour of his show discussing the situation and fielding phone calls nationwide, including a call from the Battle Creek area.

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