A lot of people voted-543 in total – and this year’s Pet-O-Ween winner is Lori Huling!

Lori wins these prizes:

  • $150 gift certificate to Invisible Fence Brand of Southwest Michigan
  • Ultrasonic Pet Trainer (Collarless Training System)
  • Micro I.D. Rescue Collar
  • About $75 in toys, treats and pet swag

Thanks again to everyone who voted and to all the pets and their owners!  And a big thanks to our sponsors:  Invisible Fence Brand of Southwest Michigan,  Battle Creek Farm Bureau  Pet Food and United Paralegal


Here were our top 5 in the voting:

Lori Huling  54.78%

Kris Brennan  33.79%  

Kelly Doyle  4.44%

Linda Wright  3.41%

Samantha Kelley  1.54%
See all the entries here.