It’s approaching that time of year, again, when there is magic in the air throughout the Village of Colon.

Abbott’s 79th Magic Get Together is scheduled to kick-off, August 3rd and winding –up August 6th.

The 3-day festival features a number of activities such as an arts and crafts show, lectures, barbecues and street performers. You can even take a guided tour of The Lakeside Cemetery, where many famous magicians are buried. You will learn who each magician was with insights on their lives. The legendary Harry Blackstone Jr. is one of the notable gravesites.

There will be a huge fireworks show, Friday evening, outside of the Colon High School, and can be viewed miles away.

Of course, one cannot attend the festival without a visit to Abbott's Magic Company. The walls and ceiling are covered with ancient magic show posters, and you can purchase magic tricks that cost a couple of bucks, or thousands, if you want to impress your friends with an illusion. I personally enjoy the flash paper. That’s the paper that goes POOF!! with a blast of flame and then disappears. Abbott’s is also one of the few places that you can purchase a straight jacket or one of those creepy ventriloquist dummies.

So do something a little off-the-wall, this summer that includes a nice country cruise to southern Michigan and is rather inexpensive. Just try to resist creeping out the family by purchasing the straight jacket or the dummy that would probably just sit in the corner of your den, wearing that weird smile and disturbing droopy eye.