The Battle Creek resident was tied up, threatened with butcher knives and had a recliner placed on top of him while men robbed his home.

WWMT reports that this crime was a surprise to everyone in the Lakeside Drive neighborhood, as it is usually a quiet place to live.

The victim was home when three robbers came into his house, and threatened him with a butcher knife.

They made him tell where he kept his valuables. They then continued to tie him up and place a piece of furniture on top of him while they stole his belongings.

"There's something that brought them there but we're not sure what that might be at this time," Battle Creek Police Cheif, Jim Blocker told News Channel 3. "It's really unusual and we want to put that out there to the entire community that it doesn't happen all the time and it was unusual."

The victim was unharmed, though understandably shaken up from the incident. As the investigation continues the public is invited to contact the local police if they know anything about the crime.