A public safety officer from Emmett Township near Battle Creek went above and beyond the call of duty on Saturday.

Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Ben Hall was on patrol Saturday when he pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation. When he made contact with the driver, he noticed a small child in the car who was wearing a seat belt but not in a car seat.

The young mother, Lexi DeLorenzo, told Officer Hall that she understood the importance of having her daughter in a car seat, but that she could not afford one because of her limited income at the time.

Rather than giving Ms. DeLorenzo a traffic ticket, Officer Hall had her pull into a Walmart parking lot, where he went inside and purchased a car seat to keep her daughter safe in.

Lexi DeLorenzo took to the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety's Facebook page to voice her gratitude for the kind actions of Officer Hall:

The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety also acknowledged Officer Hall's good deed and included some photos: