I lived in Rhode Island from 1985-1989, and was fortunate enough while there to live very close to Narragansett Bay - southern Rhode Island's gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. What a beautiful area. One thing I do remember about the four years I was there is the lack of snow. Compared to southwest Michigan, that is.

Unlike here where lakes stir up snowfall given the right winds, the ocean in southern Rhode Island tends to stave off an excess amount of accumulating snow. I remember one winter, school was cancelled after about 6 inches of snow fell. Not much!

So, while we here in the Midwest think this is a regular occurrence, it's a big deal when Newport gets a lot of snow. The big blizzard of 2015 brought about 17 inches of snow to Atlantic Street, pictured above, where a car - more than one on that street - was buried in snow.

One of the complications from the storm was the near-hurricane force winds onshore in Newport which blew over the replica 18th Century tall ship Providence, tied up at the Newport Ship Yard. The topple snapped the rig.

Tall Ship Providence in Newport, RI after Jan 27 blizzard. Photo courtesy Jason Michalski Photography-Newport Buzz.

So the storm may not have dumped as much snow in some parts of its path as predicted, but those in New England probably feel as though it dumped enough!

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