Okay.  Once again, I may be playing this up just a tad.  But it just sounds so stinking cool to say.  D-Day!  It sounds MANLY!!

It IS a a big day to me.  Over the last couple of years, you've been listening to me tout the incredible and multiple benefits of working with Tonya Rocho at Rock Solid Wellness Studio, on East Columbia in Battle Creek.   It is a life changing experience for which I will be forever grateful.  But, it's time for a change.  Time to shake things up.

Oh, heaven's NO, I'm not quitting!  Don't even think that.  No, what we're doing is stepping things up to another level.  The changes in my body have been, in my eyes, fantastic.  But Tonya and I think we've reached a plateau of sorts.  So Tonya proposed the following to get us climbing again.

(My personal plateau, in the interest of full disclosure, is a bit of stubborn belly blubber that has decided to call me home.)

Tonya and I are going to place a renewed emphasis on diet and nutrition.  A real focus on what and how I eat, and the addition of quality supplements to help provide nutrients that today's food no longer provides.  Education is a huge part of what Tonya provides her clients.  When you KNOW how to eat, eating well is MUCH easier.

I've been on a DETOX diet for the last five days.  Fruits and veggies.  (Thank GOD for frozen peas.)  I've abstained from soda (diet and otherwise) now for a month.  Also, I'm drinking a LOT more water, and have added a regimen of supplements to my diet.  All of this, and I didn't die.  (That means YOU can do it too.)

We're going to take measurements Monday.  We're going to take pictures Monday. Measurements and pictures that I'll share with you Tuesday. (Gulp!)  This will not only help Tonya chart my progress, but allow me to be accountable to any of you out there that care.

I just can't encourage you enough to join me on this trip to wellness.  Do call Tonya today, or visit her website rocksolidptstudio.com.