Today's Random Facts are designed to astound and amaze!  And I'll be astounded if you're amazed.  (Insert RIM SHOT here)  Seriously--no I mean it, SERIOUSLY, these are the little tidbits of information that make life on this tired old planet interesting and tolerable.  Share these in polite company, and you'll be a hit.

1.  The worst hashtag you can use on Instagram is #drunk.  Photos with that hashtag get 40% fewer likes than photos without it . . . no other hashtag has THAT detrimental of an effect.  (I know--it seemed SO FUNNY at the time.  Remember:  friends don't let friends #drunk.)

2.  The first five home products that used electricity were the sewing machine, the fan, the tea kettle, the toaster . . . and the vibrating adult love toy.  (Kindly note the delicate and sensitive manner in which I handle the previous.  Nice, huh?  You could let your grandmother read this one!)

3.  It's illegal in France to name a pig "Napoleon."    (So--don't do that thing.)

4.  The first big studio movie to feature the F-word was "MASH" in 1970.  There was a big football game at the climax of the movie and a character named Painless says, quote, "All right, Bud, your [effing] head is coming right off!"  (Where else could you get the evolution of the F-word in cinema than right here?)

5.  VERNE TROYER . . . a.k.a. Mini-Me from the "Austin Powers" movies . . . was raised Amish.  (Born in Sturgis and raised in Centerville, Michigan was he.)

I should like to leave you with this video.  Granted, it's NOT a cat video, I still think it's kinda cute, especially if you have little ones.

Kid Falls Asleep, Drives Tractor in Circles