After the first "official" two days of the NCAA Tournament, you start to look back at what choices you made in your bracket. Of course, you can't salvage your bracket and what's done is done.

Regret, yes. Remorse, absolutely.

I may have went out on a limb for a few of my choices, but I am still happy with my bracket. After the first 32 games, I only had eight wrong. Granted, three of them hurt with those teams going to the Sweet 16. Those teams were Baylor (but I love the Georgia State story over the last two weeks), Eastern Washington (they went cold at the wrong time) and SMU (thanks "Zebras").

Just to show you that I'm not fibbing, I will be posting my bracket round-for-round to give you an idea of how I'm doing. Hopefully you are in a better situation. If not, we will have some fun on the way! Be sure to leave some comments and let us know how the tournament is working out for you!

Nathan Adams Bracket - After Round 2