There are two boil-water advisories in Battle Creek after water main work was done Tuesday morning and again this morning.


Affected residents in the Post Addition include those on Greble, Hannah, Grenville and Nelson between Cliff and Post. Also, Walnut Court from Main to Jericho, Highway from Post to Kingman, Jericho from Post to Alden, Massachusetts from New England to Main, Main between Walnut Avenue and Walnut Court, Cliff between James and Burdge, James between Michigan and Columbia and Lathrop between Euclid and Nelson.


The new advisory includes homes on Oaklawn between Wood and Kendall, Manchester between Hubbard and Kendall, Champion between Wood and Kendall, Hubbard between Moffitt and Michigan, Wood between Oaklawn and VanBuren and Kendall between Oaklawn and Champion.


Residents on those streets are reminded to boil their water for at least a minute before use.