There’s a new twist on a classic old board game coming out.   Instead of “Monopoly”, the new game is called “Socialism: The Game.”

SOCIALISM: The Game has a radically different goal than the original – the object of the game is to achieve total fairness and equality through the renting and selling of property under a modern, progressive, and populist public policy. The game is over when everyone has $300 or less, and uses caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to replace the game's original mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags.

The Game consists of an enlightened rule-book, a quick-reference card, 20 “Fat Chance” and 20 “Communism Chest” cards.

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter project to raise money.

"We discovered that our game was a fun way to hypothesize what might happen if trends in public policy, trends that have recently entered mainstream political debate, were extrapolated to their logical conclusions in the capitalistic world of Hasbro's real estate trading game Monopoly," said John Elliott, CEO and founder of Diogenes Games.

Here’s the interview with the game inventor on the Fox Business Network.


Elliott says there's no more "banker" – all dealings are with the Federal Directorate of Redistributive Services.  You don't "go to jail," you "go to rehab."  You don't have title cards, you are granted a public "concession" to manage a property.

After months of development, design, and play testing, the game is currently in production and is expected to ship in June, if not sooner.   It’ll cost $17.76.